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What is

BetzCenter is a sports betting website that has the sports bettor in mind. It was born to help punters make the right and most informed decisions when placing their bets. On you can find all of the information that you need for your betting activity; for example: team and player form, latest results, stadings, previous match highlights, expert picks, bookmaker suggestions and more.
The website consists in a Gamestream section where bettors can find all the upcoming matches for the sports that we cover; a Game Data section, which is an archive of all of the games that wer have analyzed in the past. A Team Data section, an archive with all the team specific information that we have gathered throughout the seasons; and a Video Data section: a collection of highlights, game recaps and team and player videos to give our users insights on what to expect from a team they are betting on (or against).
BetzCenter's also has a Betting Tools section, which is an ever growing part of the website that provides our users with extra hints and suggestions for all things sports betting related.

Icon Usage Legend

We use a number of icons to try to reduce the amount of text on our website and keep it as simple as possible. Most of the times this icons are self-explanatory (at least we hope so), but here is a breakdown of all of them with their explanation.

General icons

  • crown icon Crown Sign - Indicates that the team or player is the reigning champion of that tournament. In other words, the associated team or player has won that specific tournament in the previous season.

  • game preview icon Game Preview Sign - Indicates that there is a preview written by our experts for the game. A game preview is a useful piece of information, containing the latest stats, info and views on the game.

  • guide icon Guide Sign - Indicates that there is a dedicated betting guide associated to the event. A betting guide normally contains information on how we pick our bets and useful tips and things to note before betting on a specific sport or market.

  • video icon Tournament Preview Sign - Indicates that there is a preview written by our expert for the selected tournament.

  • video icon Video Sign - Indicates that there are videos available in our video archive for the specified team, player or fixture.

  • warning icon Warning Sign - Indicates that there is some very important news on this match. For example, in tennis it could indicate that a player has retired from one of his previous matches.

Sport Specific Icons


A list of icons that we use specifically for tennis.

  • clay court icon
    Clay Court
  • grass court icon
    Grass Court
  • hard court icon
    Hard Court


A list of icons that we use specifically for soccer.

  • goal icon
  • own goal icon
    Own Goal
  • penalty goal icon
    Penalty Goal
  • missed penalty icon
    Missed Penalty
  • yellow card icon
    Yellow Card
  • second yellow card icon
    Second Yellow Card (player ejected)
  • red card icon
    Red Card
  • substitution icon
  • var icon


A list of icons that we use specifically for football.

  • touchdown icon
    Touchdown (6 points)
  • extra point icon
    Extra Point (1 point)
  • field goal icon
    Field Goal (3 points)
  • two-point conversion icon
    Two-point Conversion (2 points)
  • two-point conversion failed icon
    Two-point Conversion Failed (0 points)
  • safety icon
    Safety (2 points)
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