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Icon Usage Legend

We use a number of icons to try to reduce the amount of text on our website and keep it as simple as possible. Most of the times this icons are self-explanatory (at least we hope so), but here is a breakdown of all of them with their explanation.

Tennis specific icons

General icons

  • warning icon Warning Sign - Indicates that there is some very important news on this match. For example, in tennis it could indicate that a player has retired from one of his previous matches.

  • guide icon Guide Sign - Indicates that there is a dedicated betting guide associated to the event. A betting guide normally contains information on how we pick our bets and useful tips and things to note before betting on a specific sport or market.

  • crown icon Crown Sign - Indicates that the team or player is the reigning champion of that tournament. In order words, the associated team or player has won that specific tournament in the previous season.

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