Pinnacle Review

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Bonuses 7/10
Sportsbook 10/10
In-play 9/10
Banking 10/10
Mobile App 9/10
Pros & Cons
  • Massive Limits
  • Established Site
  • Best Odds
  • Great Selection of Soccer Markets
  • Big on Esports
  • Live Betting
  • No Welcome Bonuses
  • Withdrawal Fee
  • Best Odds in the world
  • Great Soccer coverage
  • Great Odds for US Sports
  • High staking limits
  • Among the very best for eSports
  • Lots of Options
  • PayPal and Skrill
  • Big Limits
  • Bitcoin Accepted
  • Fast Payments
  • Multiple Currencies
Mobile App
  • Easy to Use
  • Many Markets
  • Deposit and Withdraw
  • Use BTC
  • Play Virtual Sports

Pinnacle Bookmaker

Pinnacle Sports, now known as just “Pinnacle”, launched way back in 1998, making it one of the oldest online bookmakers in the world. The site is offered in 19 different languages and can be accessed in over 100 countries, including massive gambling regions like Canada, New Zealand, and Norway.

The site has undergone some substantial changes in the last couple of decades and, for the most part, these changes have been for the best. Pinnacle is one of the few sites that has tried to move with the times, adopting new trends, giving players what they want, and always trying to be the very best.

We will highlight some of the reasons that Pinnacle excels in this review, but here is a summary of the many features that make the site unique:

  • One of the Biggest Esport Selections
  • Massive Soccer Markets
  • Lots of Games
  • Unbeatable Odds
  • In-Play Betting Opportunities
  • Some of the Highest Payouts in the Industry
  • Good Selection of Betting Resources
  • Very Simple and Easy-to-Use Layout
  • Virtual Sports Available

How to Join Pinnacle

Pinnacle is available in more countries than it is restricted, so there’s a good chance that you can gain access to the site, but it’s not a guarantee. If you access from a restricted region, you’ll still be able to see the homepage and peruse a few key areas, but as soon as you hit “Join Now”, you’ll be greeted with the following message:

We have detected that you have tried to sign up from a jurisdiction where Pinnacle cannot operate. We are not able to open your account at this time.

Pinnacle used to be available in the United States and, surprisingly, there are still some websites that advertise it as being US-friendly. However, it actually pulled out of the US market was back in 2007 and while it was initially a popular location among US gamblers, it’s now illegal there.

As it operates under license from the government of Curacao, Pinnacle is able to offer its service in most major gambling regions, with the exception of strict countries like Sweden and the United Kingdom, where compliance with local authorities is required.

Pinnacle Livestream

Good, everchanging selection.
Good stats, information and real time updates.

You need to log-in to gain access to the Pinnacle in-play betting and livestream options, but they can all be found under the “Live Center” tab. Once you have signed up and made a deposit, just drop by this section to see what’s available and to start placing some bets.

The available betting options and streams are constantly changing, but you’ll always find a good selection of stats, real-time updates, and in-play bets on the following leagues:

  • NFL
  • NHL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • English Premier League
  • La Liga

Pinnacle Bonuses

Best Odds: A bonus for life.
Great for high-rollers and regulars.

Pinnacle has always positioned itself as a serious sportsbook for serious players, and that’s not just one of those meaningless statements that gambling sites make to try and attract a few extra players.

In Pinnacle’s case, it means that the site has foregone the usual selection of Welcome Bonuses and Free Bets in favor of more relaxed betting limits, faster withdrawal times, and better odds. The idea is that you’re swapping the benefits of regular Free Bets for the knowledge that you’re always going to get the best odds and will never be held back by forced bet restrictions or withdrawal limits.

It’s a pretty unique stance and one that many high rollers and regular gamblers will appreciate.

The Pinnacle Sportsbook

Best odds on many sports, fantastic for soccer and esports.
High odds on tennis and US sports.

There are really three parts to the Pinnacle sportsbook. It’s all one site and one big platform, but it’s best to look at it in three different sections.


First, you have soccer coverage.

As you would expect from a sportsbook that doesn’t focus on the US and has a lot of members in Europe, Pinnacle’s coverage of major soccer leagues is extensive. It’s not quite on par with the biggest sites out there, which is why it’s often defined as a “medium-sized” sportsbook, but you will still find hundreds of betting opportunities on every major game, as well as a few minor ones.

Whether you’re betting on the Moneyline in an EPL game between Liverpool and Manchester United or opting for a Prop bet in a Serie B game, you won’t be short on options. The bulk of bets can be placed pregame and in-play, and the latter even allows for more unique betting opportunities, such as bets on whether there will be a certain number of goals or corners in specific timeframes of the match.

The soccer leagues and events that are covered on Pinnacle include:

  • The English Premier League, Championship, and League 1 & 2
  • The English FA Cup and League Cup
  • The Champions League and Europa League
  • The Spanish La Liga and Copa del Rey
  • The World Cup, Olympics, and European Championships


Next up, it’s esports, because when you’re talking about Pinnacle, you can’t overlook esports.

Pinnacle was one of the first bookmakers to offer odds on esports when it entered the market way back in 2010. Initially, the company was just experimenting to see if anyone would bite and to judge how effective it would be, but after a massively successful trial, it became a main feature on the site.

In 2014, Pinnacle had accepted over 1 million esports bets and this jumped to 5 million by 2017. A few years ago, the site’s owners excitedly announced that esports had just taken over sports like rugby and golf in total bet volume, and since then it has continued to rise.

The massive growth behind this market has allowed Pinnacle to be a little more experimental and forthcoming with esports. It now accepts bets on all of the following games:

  • League of Legends
  • CS: GO
  • Free Fire
  • King of Glory
  • Valorant
  • Warcraft 3
  • Dota 2

And these are just the ones that have active markets at the time of writing! When it comes to regulated esports betting, it is very hard to top Pinnacle. In fact, it’s thanks to Pinnacle’s early success in this market that esports betting is as popular as it is, because that success encouraged others to follow in the sportsbook’s footsteps, leading to a revolution that might not have happened without them.

Other Sports

As for the “final” part of the Pinnacle site, it pretty much covers everything that’s not soccer and esports. It’s still a lot, but it pales in comparison to these two major sports.

For instance, at the time of writing, there are 580 upcoming soccer markets and 400 upcoming esports markets. If we combine the next 4 biggest sports, including tennis, hockey, baseball, basketball, there are only around 250.

Golf is the outlier, as it covers even more markets than soccer and esports. However, that’s only because there are a few massive upcoming tournaments at the time of writing and each player has their own Outright/Future bet.

The only real problem with all of this is that Pinnacle is not suitable for bettors who aren’t interested in esports or soccer. It would be like going to the cinema just to watch the previews or paying for a comedy show just to catch a 5-minute warm-up act. Sure, you’re getting something that will entertain you and fulfill your needs, but you’re missing the best part and, as a result, you may be better off elsewhere.

On the plus side, Pinnacle has some of the best odds in the industry. It’s a claim that has been made a few times by a number of different sites, but there’s actually some substance to what Pinnacle says. Of course, there are sacrifices made to get those odds, and we covered those above, but it means you’ll get higher payouts across most Pinnacle markets.

Pinnacle Banking

Huge number of payment options.
High deposit limits, no commission.

Pinnacle accepts a huge number of payment options, including Paysafecard, Neteller, Skrill, Visa, Mastercard, ecoPayz, and MuchBetter. There are country-specific options like WebMoney (popular in Russia) and Interac (only available in Canada) and it also accepts payments in Bitcoin, making it one of the oldest online sportsbooks to embrace this cryptocurrency.

The limits here are massive and one of the reasons that so many players use the site. For instance, as a new Canadian player using Visa or Mastercard, you can deposit up to $73,000 a month and are also given similar freedoms when it comes to withdrawals.

You don’t need to pay for your deposits, and everything is processed very quickly and without any hassle. You will need to pay for your withdrawals, and this is true for most methods, but you also have the freedom to withdraw up to $50,000 in a single payment (if you’re using Bitcoin) which is incredibly generous for a Curacao-licensed casino.

Pinnacle: The Final Word

As noted above, Pinnacle doesn’t really do Welcome Bonuses. In fact, it doesn’t really do any kind of promotions. That’s probably why the site has always remained on the fringes despite its size and age. After all, while many serious gamblers will get a kick out of the way that Pinnacle does business, the vast majority are casual gamblers, and they won’t even look twice at a site without bonuses.

If you came here looking for a massive Welcome Bonus, or you’re the sort of player who won’t join a new site without one, then you’re going to be very disappointed. If you’ve been around the block, don’t care about bonuses, and simply want a site that will let you do your thing, then Pinnacle could be ideal.

It’s also the perfect site for fans of esports. Even though it has been possible to bet on esports for a number of years, the average sportsbook is reluctant to go all-in with this industry. They either stick to the big televised events or they focus only on major games like League of Legends.

Not only is Pinnacle willing to expand its selection, but it also enters into new markets before anyone else. In 2016, for instance, it began offering bets on drone racing. And that statement alone should tell you all that you need to know about the sheer ambition of this brand and the innovation that keeps driving it forward.

To become part of Pinnacle’s journey and join a “serious” gambling site, simply drop by, sign up, and start playing.

Bonuses 7/10
Sportsbook 10/10
In-play 9/10
Banking 10/10
Mobile App 9/10
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